Scroll down to see all of our products grouped by category! Each product is available in each of our tea blends. Questions? Contact us to ask! We do custom orders, and custom tea blends!

Home Fragrance

Tea-infused oil scents each of our hand-made, 100% soy wax home fragrance products. Available as wax melts or as string wick candles. Sizes are 4oz and 8oz mason jars.


Loose-leaf tea, tea-infused oils, and essential oils create the unique fragrances and properties of our bath products: bath bombs, bath salts and soaks, and soap.

Cottage Law Food

We create a variety of Texas Cottage Food Law approved foods, such as tea jelly, tea shortbread cookies, and unique tea blends, that can only be sold at Cottage Food Law approved events. Can't wait until the next event? Check out our calendar to see where you can find us!


If you like us, support us! We have T-shirts, canvas totes, zip-up hoodies, and two sizes of mugs! There's something for everyone to support your favorite small business! Available on our Etsy page!

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